Fight for Your Rights as a Parent

Fight for Your Rights as a Parent

Turn to a child custody attorney in Missoula, MT

After a separation or divorce, you could end up in disagreement about who gets custody of your children. When this happens, a child custody attorney can help you iron out the details. Trust the Law Offices of David James Lockhart when you need help making a parenting plan. He can guide you and your spouse toward a reasonable deal that fits for everyone.

From child custody to child support, choose attorney Lockhart to help you resolve any legal issue. Speak with him today to set up a meeting in Missoula, MT.

A lot goes into creating a parenting plan

Now that you're divorced, you need to work hard to keep your children's best interests at heart. A child custody attorney can help you with more than just obtaining custody. Attorney Lockhart can help with:

  • Making a parenting plan
  • Setting up child support payments
  • Creating a visitation schedule
  • Deciding where the children will reside

Ensure the best for your children, and get your decisions down in writing. Turn to attorney Lockhart to handle the legal side of your divorce.